Inspirational : The Youth Choose the Formidable Road, Tough Road.

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September 25, 2016 by MsDailyLife

(Jkt, ID) – I write this blog article that quite makes me feel spirited as a Young spirited person for My Country, when i am watching a video from one of the intellectual person in Indonesia Mr. Anies Baswedan. It’s really motivated and inspirational by his good messages to the youth people.

Despite Mr. Anies been elected as a Governor for Jakarta nowadays, but my point article was not meant to be campaign for him…but i just feel intrigue to save and share also high-light the good-messages from Mr. Anies to the Young Generation.

Here are the video :

“This Republic was founded by young people (The Youth), founded by the educated. Establish by the spirit of ideas into Indonesia. Not based on the background but on the basis of ideas. 

Don’t select a declining path, don’t select a horizontal path, it’s hard and it is difficult. But there, there is a route to the peaks. And later at the top that you can connect a message. Send ideas, ideas for change.

The Youth did not choose the easy way … The Youth choose the formidable road … tough road” – Mr. Anies Baswedan

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