Best iPhone & Samsung Case

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March 16, 2016 by MsDailyLife

Hi there gaez,

Today i want to take a 5 pick of each WELL-KNOWN brand that lots of people own for their gadget. So here’s i wanna show you all BEST 5 iPhone & Samsung case. Ok let’s have a check for the review & recommendation to you all 🙂


  1. Adopted Frame Case. The frame and the button covers are aluminum, and it has genuine, full-grain leather panels to provide contrast, comfort, and grip.
  2. Carved Live Edge Solid Wood Case. Handmade in Northern Indiana, these cases are carved from interesting pieces of real wood, so every case offers an individual look. They come in two pieces, which conveniently slot together with your iPhone 6S inside. The interior is padded suede, which should help absorb shock impact, and the case also features tactile, metallic button covers.
  3. Fuz Designs Felt Case. This basic, slim case is made of black TPU, but it’s wrapped in an unusual grey felt covering.
  4. Spigen Neo Hybrid Ex Case. This popular case from Spigen combines a flexible, clear TPU shell with a hard polycarbonate bumper.
  5. Vesel Wood Series Case. If you’re looking for something minimalist, protective, and luxurious, then Vesel’s gorgeous bumpers could be for you.

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  1. Case-Mate Tough Air Case. Built with lightweight protection in mind, the Case-Mate Tough Air Case uses strategically placed pockets of air to protect from drops and bumps.
  2. Caseology Waterfall Series. The Waterfall Series from Caseology combines form-fitting protection with a crystal clear back.
  3. Caseology Riot Series. This playfully designed case from Caseology combines fun prints with the shock-absorbing properties of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane).
  4. Lifeproof Fre. Those missing the waterproof properties of last year’s Galaxy S5 should consider the Lifeproof Fre. These cases are renowned for their protective properties, easily handling drops, dirt, and full submersion in water.
  5. Samsung S-View Flip Cover. This is the officially sanctioned folio case from Samsung itself. Using a Samsung ID chip, the S-View case enables a unique Window mode that lets you answer calls and control music playback, or just check on your latest notifications.

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