Artistic Escape at Paviliun 28

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March 5, 2016 by MsDailyLife

Own by movie and music director Eugene Panji, Paviliun 28 is a space that provides not just traditional dishes and drinks, but also a hangout place that promotes an artistic point of view. A culinary cinema, if you will.


Located at Petogogan I, North Gandaria, Paviliun 28 is kantong budaya,explained Eugene. “I support the communities in Indonesia. Saya ingin memiliki bioskop, this is the first cinema, so the seat is limited to 40 people.” Paviliun 28 memiliki “ruang tamu” untuk menjamu mereka yang datang dan pesan makanan dari Bar Jamu mereka. Menu yang ditawarkan pun beragam, mulai dari jamu tradisional seperti Tamarind Slushy, Sari Anggur Sehat, Beras Kencur, dan juga minuman andalan mereka Green Tamarin dan Pretty Red Rosella.

For favorite mains, try their Nasi Krengseng, Nasi Bakar, Nasi Telur Semrawut, and for the dessert, definitely must try their Pisang Goreng Nutella.


pretty Red Rosella drink


Green Tamarind drinks


Nasi Bakar


Nasi Krengseng


Nasi Telur Semrawut


Pisang Goreng Nutella

In a way, Eugene promotes a healthy lifestyle through the almost forgotten traditional drinks amongst the youngsters. The two-storey venue also offers a private viewing on the second floor. Classic memorabilia decorates the interior, from a picture of James Bond, Wonder Woman, to film-related property such as a mini statue of E.T. While the eyes are being entertained by the cute findings, the place has four tennants that makes one curious in exploring them one by one. Tempat cuci rol film, baju, dan dalam waktu dekat Eugene berencana untuk membuka tempat untuk tato tradisional dan tempat musik band indie.


The place has a live music entertainment called Malam Jum’at curated by Agam Hamsyah, where he invites junior jazz musicians. “Bisa jadi space untuk menyanyi bagi mereka yang ingin jamming.” tutur Eugene.

Jl.Petogogan I no.25, Gandaria Utara, Jakarta 12170.
Instagram: @paviliun_28
Phone: (+6221) 72790590
Opening hours: 3 PM – 12 PM

Interior photos courtesy of Paviliun 28
Photographer: Mario Raimond Bully
Videographer: Ihsan Zurlly


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