Wonderful ‘SUMBA’ Indonesia

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December 29, 2015 by MsDailyLife

Sumba is an island which presents more appealing color than just catches the camera lens. This is the place for you see war on horseback javelin (Pasola) views. More than that even this island presents a series of traditional house, tomb stones, and a Marapu religion that seemed unattainable changing of times.

Sumba island is in East Nusa Tenggara province clsed to the island of Komodo and Flores of course. The islands themselves are not exactly small to be explored during the week. Sumba island includes four districts, namely Southwest Sumba, West Sumba, Central Sumba and East Sumba. Remarkably throughout the district has natural beauty like the beauty and evenly.

Island area of 10,710 sq km is still defend themselves with traditional house almost all parts of the land, even in the heart of the capital. Some are well-known and are accustomed to receiving tourists visit the village Tarung and Waitabar, Village Elu, Bodo village of Ede, and Village Paletelolu. Sumba traditional house-like in Flores has three floors, the most basic form stable livestock (horses, chickens and pigs). The second floor for a family gathering, a bed and a fireplace right in the middle. While the third part in the form of the tower as a warehouse storing food supplies.

All citizens of the island of Sumba remained with the religion of their ancestors, namely Marapu. Some have embraced Christianity, Protestant, Islam but traditional rituals Marapu legacy is still running in ceremonies of birth, marriage, death, and others. In fact, in some big cities such as Waikabubak citizens celebrate wula podu (the holy month for one month) in October and November each year.

Marapu itself is the original religion of people of Sumba which is based on the worship of ancestral spirits. In the language of Sumba ancestors called marapu or means ‘the lordship’ or ‘glorified’. The cult is not solely to the spirits of the ancestors themselves but to Mawulu Majii Tau-Tau (Creator and Author of Man), God Almighty. The marapu (spirits) are considered as a conduit or intermediary to connect people with the Creator.

In addition to customary and religious houses marapu, on this island you can find many buffaloes and horses. Buffalo are used in the execution of traditional ceremonies and plots of land. While the horse is the vehicle of everyday citizens but now is getting less in number because many are sold to other islands. Nevertheless, horse riding tradition is still maintained even by small children who used to roam the streets on horseback.

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Despite having a lot of coastline, but the majority of the island of Sumba not livelihood of fishermen. Therefore, if you are looking for a variety of culinary processed fish is not here the place although there are still sellers of seafood. Culinary in Sumba is generally like the one in Flores. Diverse dining options one of which is in Waikabubak, namely the following :

  • Arista Restaurant
  • Pondok Salero Restaurant
  • Ande Ate Restaurant
  • Gloria


The best choice for a souvenir shop on the island of Sumba is woven mainly from East Sumba with motives more diverse and made by traditional. If you visit some traditional villages in addition to woven cloth that can be bought is the size of the timber, guitar Sumba, buffalo horn, as well as traditional necklaces and bracelets Sumba.

If you imagine a souvenir in the form of a wild horse milk sumba then it certainly is difficult and there is no seller in general. It is easier to find cashews to be purchased as souvenirs such as in Waikabubak and Waitabula. Center souvenirs typical of Sumba is also available in Waingapu, East Sumba, the main store that sells a variety of snacks such as nuts, cookies, and coffee Sumba.


Some districts on the island of Sumba already tidying promote their respective regions. Hotel and inn continues to appear one by one as the start of tourists who are lured by the naturalness of the island.

West Sumba provide a diverse selection of accommodation ranging from the inn to the resort. Here’s it is the choice. Private resort so special need reservations in advance.

  • Sumba Nautil Hotels
  • Nihi Watu Resorts
  • Hotel Monalisa
  • Hotel Ronita
  • Hotel Pelita
  • Hotel Aloha
  • Hotel Artha
  • Hotel Karanu


There is so much charm stone age culture on the island of Sumba. Similarly, the natural beauty that is not crowded by tourists. Foreign tourists mainly from Europe have started much enamored of the beauty of Sumba and seeks to develop the potential of the island’s tourist industry. Coastal Sumba has a lot of white sandy beaches, waterfalls, national parks, and of course the traditional village ready to welcome guests.

Your free time is available the morning of the day once began monitoring the beauty of the beach to greet the sun in the morning or in the afternoon drove him to the contest. You instigators of surfing then there Wanakaka Beach and Rua famous beach with sea waves. Similar options exist Marosi Beach and coastal Gaura where there is a bonus in the form of an old grave stone.

Pero beach and beach Ratenggaro also has waves suitable for surfing play. Even in Ratenggaro, right there is the grave stone of King Kodi first, traditional houses, and some were located on the edge of the beach. Beach Mandorak there is a view of the cliffs so beautifully decorated plastered along the cliff end of beautiful white sand.

In Waitabula whose location not far from the airport Tambolaka there Oro Beach and the white sandy beach Newa long with calm sea water, suitable for swimming and water play. Similar coast there are beaches in northern Mamboro West Sumba. Along the way to the beach is very spectacular natural scenery.

For those who want to explore the jungle Sumba then make sure visited national park land inhabited roar that includes various types of birds and other habitat. In this forest there is also a Niagara Lapopu the high-rise and overgrown trees in the rough rock. A trip to the waterfall is not easy but it’s worth what you will see.

Niagara Calculated could be another option which is approximately 30 km from East Wewewa. The waterfall is even used PLN as hydropower, but its beauty is so captivating. Pabeti Lakera also interesting to be visited is located in the district of South Wewewa. Waterfall has a height of 30 meters and no less beautiful fatherly caught on camera.

One more stunning beauty who owned the island of Sumba, which Weekuri lake which is a saltwater lake on the seafront. Kodi its location in the North or approximately 60 km from the center of the capital city of Southwest Sumba Regency. Besides salty lake also has a beautiful natural atmosphere and cool.

Sumba also has a special beach, which is in West Sumba Nihiwatu Beach. The beach is located at the 17th position of the 100 best beaches in the world (100 World ‘s Best Beaches) and the only beach in Indonesia were elected as the best beach in Asia. Beach with white sand and its coastline is suitable for surfing but limited to maximum 10 surfers in order to maintain their safety and security. Resort on the beach is indeed quite expensive price per night and several Hollywood artists stayed at the resort Nihiwatu ranging from musicians Rolling Stones, Pink and her husband Carey Hart, and Chris Hemsworth (cast film “Thor”) who married his wife Elsa Pataky on this beach.



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