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May 1, 2015 by MsDailyLife


First Roses…
Remember that Allah is Forgiving for those who seek forgiveness, a Grantor on anyone who repent, and accept those who return to Allah.

2nd Roses…

Love people who are weak, you definitely get happiness. Give to those in need, definitely you get satisfaction. And hold your anger, certainly you get forgiveness.

3rd Roses…
Being optimist ,beacuse Allah is always with you, the angels are always seeking forgiveness for you, and heaven is always waiting for you.

4th Roses…
Eliminate your tears with good prejudiced to Allah. Dispose of all the suffering and sadness to remember all the favor of Allah unto you.

5th Roses…
Never assume that this world is perfect on a person, because no one in this world who can achieve everything he wants, and no one who is free from the slightest flaws.

6th Roses…
Be like a palm tree that has the willpower and away from distractions. When there was a stone, their actually dropped the fresh fruit.

7th Roses…
Have heard that the real sadness that can restore the memories of the past, and indeed the anxiety it can justify the errors. Therefore, why should grieve and feel uneasy?

8th Roses…
Do not expect the arrival of the exam and slander, but hopefully the arrival of peace, safety and health, with the permission of Allah.

9th Roses…
Extinguish the fire of hatred in your heart with forgiveness to everyone that ever do BAD to you.

10th Roses…
Get shower…have ablution…use fragnrance… and brush your teeth regularly, it is a patent medicine to overcome fatigue and narrow.
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