Causes of Prayer Not Granted

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April 23, 2015 by MsDailyLife

MsDailylife, ID – What is said of the mouth of a person is affected by what you eat and drink it. Like a computer that processes all incoming. The term input – processing – output. What goes so that will be processed and out. Garbage in, garbage out. If the incoming garbage that came out was rubbish. God is holy, the only thing that is sacred to Him. Including sacred words. Derived from the body and esophagus plus pure mind anyway.

Someone who wants what he/she asked Allah accepted then he/she should keep anything that goes into his throat and then parked in the stomach and circulated throughout the body. Into blood, into muscle, into energy used to speak. The energy used to pray, ask Allah supplications. Well, if it may be up negative energy is used to drive a positive direction. Absolutely not!

A servant who often takes something from that is not halal, his prayer was not granted. Or, perhaps granted but actually it was not the best for him. Something even plunge. The things that make it increasingly fallen into the black valley.

In a hadith narrated by Hafiz bin Mardawaih of Ibn Abbas. I read a verse which means “O man! Eat things that are lawful and good on this earth!”. Suddenly stood Sa’ad bin Abi Waqqas. Then he said: “O Messenger of Allah, help you pray to God, that I made people are always granted his prayer”.

The Prophet said, “O Sa’d, keep your food, you will certainly fulfilled his prayer! By God that Muhammad’s life in his hands! If a man put a bite of the forbidden foods into his stomach, then his prayer will not be accepted for forty days. And, anyone servant whose flesh grows from unclean food or riba, then the Fire is more worthy to serve.

Or another hadith, “O man! Verily, Allah is All-Good and not want to accept but the good. and Allah has commanded the believers to do anything that has been on-the command of it to the Mursalin … .. (HR.Ahmad, Muslim)

So, if you have wishes. A desire for something. You want to ask Allah for granted that request. Then purify themselves. Audit your wealth. Is there still comes from riba. Are there any rights of others that are still attached, has not been accomplished perfectly. Is there a charity treasure still not been fulfilled. Is a single heart and feelings of others who still hold a grudge on you.

Hmmm … yeah well perhaps this might be the obstacle that our prayers are not answered. Too many sins. Too many immoral. Too much wallowing in harram wealth. Naturally, then catastrophe that prevail in our struggle with prayer. (mmt)

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