Cats and Position In The Islamic View

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November 12, 2014 by MsDailyLife


Many myths are scattered in every life cat has 9 lives ranging from up as god incarnate. As happened during the dynasty of pharaohs 3,000 years ago, the cat is very revered because it is considered as an incarnation of the god.

Other in Egypt others also in Europe, at this plateau is considered as a magic cat demon or disastrous. Inevitably, during the dark ages occurred massive extermination against these cute animals, to spread to North Africa. In fact, the outbreak of the community at that time regarded as the curse is the type of bubonic plague caused by the explosion in the rat population and population decline in cats as predators.

Prophet Muhammad and his beloved Cat

In the development of Islamic civilization, the cat is present as a true friend in every breath and movement stretching the development of Islam.

Prophet Muhammad had a cat named Mueeza. One time, when the Prophet was about to take his robe, met Mueeza’m falling asleep with ease on his robe. Do not want to interfere with his favorite animal, the Prophet was cut off parts of the arm that ravished Mueeza of his robe.

When the Prophet returned to the house, Muezza woke up and ducked bow down to his masters. In return, the Prophet expressed his affection by gently stroking the tiny body cat’s as much as 3 times.

In another activity, whenever the Prophet receiving guests at his house, the prophet always carrying mueeza and in place on the thighs. One of the properties that the Prophet Mueeza like is he always meowing when he heard the call to prayer, and as if his voice sounds like a follow chanting the call to prayer.

To all his best friend, the Prophet advised to love cats, like dearest to his own family.

The punishment for those who hurt this cute animals is very serious, in an authentic Hadith Al Bukhari, told of a woman who never feed her cat, nor remove the cat to feed itself, the Prophet Muhammad also explained that this was a punishment for women the torments of hell.

From Ibn Umar RA that Rasulullah SAW said, “A woman entered into Hell because of a cat which she was not given a belt and eat even not allowed to eat small animals that are on the floor” (HR. Bukhari).

Not only the prophet, the prophet’s own wife, Aisha bint Abu Bakr was very like a cat, and felt very lost when his abandoned by the cat. A friend who is also an expert hadith, Abdurrahman ibn Sakhr Al Azdi given the nickname Abu Hurayrah (father of the tomcat), because of his passion in caring for and maintaining a variety of male cats at home.

Respect The People of Islam Into Cats

In the 13th century, as a manifestation of Islamic society award, a cat form a ring engraving used as the Caliph, including porcelain, sculpture until currency. Even in the world of literature, the poet does not hesitate to make a poem for his pet cat who had been instrumental in protecting their books from mice and other insect bites.

In a book entitled Cats of Cairo, the Mamluk dynasty, Al-Zahir Baybars, a Sultan who was also the hero of the Crusades frontline deliberately build parks specifically for cats and provide various kinds of food in it. This tradition has become a tradition in many major cities of the Islamic state.

Until now, ranging from Damascus, Istanbul, to Cairo, we can still meet the cats that run wild in the corners of the old mosque with a variety of food provided by local residents.

Cats Privileged

The Prophet said in some traditions that the cat is not unclean. Why did Prophet Muhammad dare say that the holy cats, not unclean? Then, how the Prophet knew that the cat’s body there is unclean?

Scientific Facts 1 

In the cat’s skin are muscles that serve to reject eggs bacteria. The cat muscles also can customize with a touch of human muscle.

Cat tongue surface is covered by a variety of small bumps that tapered, conical bump is bent like a miser or a saw. This form is very useful for cleaning the skin. When the cat drink, not one drop of liquid falling from his tongue. While the cat’s tongue itself is the most advanced cleaning tool, the rough surface can remove the feathers off and clean the feathers left in their body.

Scientific Facts 2 

Has conducted various studies on cats and differences of age, differences skin position, the back, the inside of the foot, mouth protectors, and tail. In these parts do sampling with swabs. In addition, do also planting germs on special parts. Continue to be taken also a special fluid that is on the wall in the mouth and tongue.

Obtained results :

  1. The results are taken from the outer skin turns negative bacterial, although it is done repeatedly.
  2. Comparison of embedded bacteria gave negative results about 80% when viewed from fluid taken from the walls of the mouth.
  3. Fluid taken from the surface of the tongue also give negative results of bacteria.
  4. Once there are bacteria that are found during the research process, the bacteria enter the group of germs that are considered as normal bacteria that thrive in the human body in such limited quantities, Enterobacter, Streptococcus, and taphylococcus. The amount is less and 50 thousand growth.
  5. Not found a diverse group of bacteria.
  6. A variety of reliable sources and the results of laboratory studies concluded that the cat does not have germs and microbes. Saliva clean and clear.

Comments Physicians Researchers

  1. According to Dr. George Maqshud, director of the laboratory at the Animal Hospital Baitharah, rarely found any germs on a cat’s tongue.
  2. If the bacteria exist, then the cat will be sick.
  3. Dr Gustafsirl genes discovered that germs are most numerous in dogs
  4. Humans 1/4 dogs, cats half human.
  5. Veterinarian at the animal hospital Damascus, Sa’id Rafah asserted that the cat has a cleaning device that priately dubbed lysozyme.
  6. Cats do not like water because water is a very fertile ground for the growth of bacteria, especially in stagnant water (mud, rain puddles, etc.)
  7. Cats also are maintaining the stability of the warmth of his body. He was not much sun and do not go near the water.
  8. The goal is that the bacteria do not move to them. There was thus a lack of germs in the body of the cat.

Scientific Facts 3 

And the results of medical research and experiments that have been done in lab animals, it was found that the overall cat body clean. It is cleaner than a human.

Other Scientific Facts

Ancient times cats used for therapy. Purr who 50Hz health benefits besides stroking a cat can lower the stress level.

The rest of the sacred law of cat food. Hadiths Kabsyah bint Ka’b bin Malik reported that Abu Qatada, Kabsyah law, broke into her home and she poured water for ablution. At that time, came a cat who wants to drink. Then he poured water in the vessel until the cat is drinking.

Kabsyah said, “Watch.” Abu Qatada said, “Are you surprised?” He replied, “Yes.” Then, Abu Qatada said prnh Prophet said, “The cat was not unclean. He likes animals around at home (home animals), “(Reported by At-Tirmidhi, An-Nasa’i, Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah).

Narrated and Ali ibn al-Hasan, and Anas reported that the Prophet went to Bathhan an area in Medina. Then, he said, “Yes Anas, pour water into the vessel ablution me.” Then, Anas pour water. When finished, the Prophet towards the vessel. However, a cat came and licked vessel. Seeing that, the Prophet stopped until the cat to stop drinking and ablution.

The Prophet was asked about the incident, he replied, “Yes Anas, cat including home jewelry, it is not littered with anything, not even the unclean.”

It was narrated from Dawud ibn Salih At-Tammar and his mother, explaining that slaves give Aisha a bowl of porridge. However, when he arrived at the house of Aisha, Aisha were praying. Then, he gave the cue to put it. Unfortunately, after Aisha completing the prayer, he forgot there was porridge.

Comes a cat, then take the little porridge. When she saw the porridge eaten by cats, Aisha clean the cat touched, and Aisha eat it.

Rasulullah SAW said, “He is not unclean. He animals around. “Aisha never saw the Prophet made ablution of the rest of the cat licks.” (Reported by al-Bayhaqi, Abd Al-Razzaq, and Al-Daruquthni).

This hadith narrated by Malik, Ahmad, and other hadith priest. Therefore, the cat is an animal, the body, the sweat, the former than the rest of the food is pure, clean and clear saliva, and cleaner than a human life. This might also be the one who causes why the Prophet is very dear to Muezza, feline.



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