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May 23, 2014 by MsDailyLife

As before, Python is a very important fashion theme dar. Whether gloss, matt, colored or natural, Python is still the trend. Fashionable collection that meets the current zeitgeist; soft calf leather with python embossing and matt finish. The attractive combination leather highlights the color and leaves the styles are livelier.

37868_141746935843734_4164287_n 37868_141746909177070_2671561_n 37868_141746912510403_1983015_n 37868_141746915843736_6733703_n 37868_141746919177069_4810352_n 37868_141746922510402_7048032_n 37868_141746925843735_5356608_n 37868_141746929177068_621645_n 37868_141746932510401_6694970_n

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