Steps That Are Generally Performed While Facial

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May 20, 2014 by MsDailyLife

Facial turned out to not only make a face so fresh and clean. In addition to smooth blood circulation, there are many positive benefits behind these face wash activities.

(*Courtesy : Pinterest)

(*Courtesy : Pinterest)

Facial, is it only to cleanse the face? In fact not only that of thefunction, because facial also proved to be able to slow the aging process, improve the appearance and ‘feeling’ of the face. Here are some steps that are generally performed while facial :

Cleanse Up

I wonder how much air pollution around us unwittingly been fouled faces, ranging from the fumes, cigarette smoke, kitchen, sun radiation, free radicals, dust, germs, and others. With the dirt that clog facial pores can be removed so that the face can breathe again. This course can also prevent acne and dark spots.


Facials are also an opportunity for the therapist to analyze facial skin condition so with the right products for the face can be searched.


Facial exfoliation process always involves. This process is very important because it can stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Even if done perfectly exfoliation, then a layer of dead skin cells which will be lifted soon disappear, replaced by skin that looks natural shine. In addition, this process is also able to increase the skin’s immune system and circulation that can help cleanse the pores and reduce wrinkles.

Giving Nutrition

Right product applied to the facial can also be used as an opportunity to provide nutrients to the skin. This causes the skin to be more energy so that it can function more efficiently. The texture of the skin as well so taut and wrinkle-free when too inadequate nutritional well.


The final phase of facials usually designed to soothe and balance the skin. After passing through various processes of skin cleansing and exfoliation, then this is the time where the skin rested.

So, if there are so many good benefits of facials, then why do not you do it regularly from now on… 😉 – @Ms_DailyLife

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