Canting Batik

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April 2, 2014 by MsDailyLife


Batik canting bowls

Batik canting – nyamplung

This tool has three main parts nyamplung, beak and handles. Nyamplung a place to accommodate the liquid night (candles) are made ​​of copper. Beak is where it comes out at night, and the handle is a canting stems are usually made ​​of bamboo or wood . The handle depicts a strong foundation of faith in the God Almighty, then Nyamplung signifies magnanimity has in all spirit accommodating. Canting as presenting style – shades of beauty that has never known the word sequel , which could never be swallowed spaces and times. To produce batik worth it needed a union between soul batik with canting that will be used to write batik . It takes also the harmony between breath and feeling when it starts to pour the liquid night in sheets of white cloth. Not only the power required to hold the handle of the canting, but also the greatness of the soul and patience in creating millimeter -by- millimeter beauty scratches canting out of the beak. With a synergistic blend of soul that has the problems of life, and the beak itself epitomizes the term a little talk much work. Created the masterpiece that is the beauty of batik as – if lifeless.

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