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March 4, 2014 by MsDailyLife

JKT, ID –  Have heard Bergh & Ozil? Brand from Bandung this could be the inspiration that okay for you that happy with everything that smells of leather. Starting from modification of shoes to other accessories, Bergh & Ozil slowly waving Indonesian name in the fashion world.

Name of Bergh & Ozil doesn’t have a special meaning. They build since 2010, originally only for personal consumption, and since 2012 decided to spread the wing to the large of public consumption.

They chose leather as the main material, because the material is very common, easily to made, durable, easy to set up (moldable), and also a variety of choices in terms of color, quality and type.

They always try all kinds of materials they find around. All skin types including suede they’ve explore in creating a quality product. Aside from the material that is already on the market, they also always try to modify the material to be more unique and different from the usual material used by other competitors.

Bergh & Ozil had attended an interesting project at JFW event 2013 years ago, they were invited to collaborate with KLE falls to equip their products with support for multiple pairs of masculine shoes models that happen to match the product of Bergh & Ozil. So far their female production version is only limited and not sale to Mass Production.

Stud Warrior

Stud Warrior

Double Monk Strap

Double Monk Strap

Limited Edition Medallion iPhone 5 Leather Sleeve.

Limited Edition Medallion iPhone 5 Leather Sleeve.

Limited Edition Wingtip

Limited Edition Wingtip

Shadow Puppet Heels

Shadow Puppet Heels

Their design is unique, different, simple, classic & mature.

All the design inspiration come from everything they get on a daily basis. Moreover, their design team consists of several people, so in terms of their design always brainstorm first to combine several existing ideas.

Their already have online and offline store! For online can directly check the website, there is a direct and offline stores in their workshops.

Store :
Jl. Taman Cibeunying Utara no 2A,
Bandung – 40114

Twitter : @berghozil
Instagram : @berghozil
P : 0812-8018-1818
EMail : info@berghozil.com




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