NASRID PALACE, a Beautify of Andalusia Stone Carvings

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January 21, 2014 by MsDailyLife

The beautify of Nasrid Palace.

The beautify of Nasrid Palace.

MsDailyLife, ID –  Nasrid palace is one of the main parts of the breadth of the Alhambra complex of Granada’s most in demand by visitors. The building which has hundreds that is one of symbol of wealth panoramic beauty of the Alhambra. When entering this palace you will be amazed at a point where you look like a spring in the desert expanse of sky air-castles of Europe with a very unique decor, Arabic-Persian architecture were carved, interspersed with calligraphy on the pillars and walls of the stunning views.

One of the carving & caligraphy pillar of Nasrid Palace.

One of the carving & caligraphy pillar of Nasrid Palace.

Beautiful panorama that lay around the Alhambra clearly defined behind the window frames with beautiful aromas of acacia, jasmine and wisteria that will make you feel at home for long hours to be there. Nasrid palace or castle is divided into 3 sections, each of which is built around the patio (patio roof) of its own.

First, The Mexuar is a variety of business and juridical affairs of the kingdom.

Secondly, The Comares is the residence of the king.

While The Patio De Los Leones is a special room for the harem, the era that can only be accessed by members of the family and the servants alone.

However, did you know? That every carving mosaic corner that adorn the entire wall and the towering marble foundation that serves as a buffer, there is one poignant sentence, repeated in every room and there’s always saying “Wa laa gholibu illa Allah” which means that ‘There is no victor but Allah’. Subhanallah … 🙂 

Nasrid Palace was not just a legacy of art that amaze millions pairs of eyes of the world has ever seen. Their sturdy buildings remain upright for hundreds of years are beautifully carving Andalusian stones that have meaning as an offering of love and kings gratitude are still glorify his Creator of Allah in Islam in Andalusia’s heyday.

(Source : Travel & Entertainment Magazine)


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