LOVE Suitable as a Verb

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January 16, 2014 by MsDailyLife

Metha, ID –  When it comes to love, perhaps the most happy are those who are newly couples. But for the singles, in addition to making a favorite memes forever alone, love was just a dream. Well, let me tell you this: you are definitely wrong. Love is not just to have a boyfriend or girlfriend according dreams, but it is more suitable to be used as a verb.

Not long ago, the State and the capital of my beloved INDONESIA having a disaster-stricken sizable volcanic eruption at Sinabung ie., flooding across the region of the capital city Jakarta – recently severe floods occurred in Manado.

Life photo capture of a Flood in Jakarta area :

And this is the newest tragedi in Menado, Indonesia… #PrayForMenado

Sometimes, in the strongest storm, you’ll find the greatest love. Lots of love that is shared in the form of our concern for others affected by the disaster. Start of tweets on Twitter until they are volunteriing the posts security disaster. YOU GUYS ROCKS!

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