Recipes : Homemade TUNA QUICHE

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January 11, 2014 by MsDailyLife

Metha, ID – A new recipes just try this morning, and people at home like it 🙂 . Aand, Surprisingly this food could try it into your todler age  around 9 month, because all the ingredient were all ‘safe’. LET’S COOK !

Homemade Tuna Quiche

Homemade Tuna Quiche

Tuna Quiche

Untuk 1 porsi

– tuna, potong kecil
– 2 sdm nasi putih/merah
– 1 butir telur ayam kampung, kocok lepas
– keju cheddar parut
– keju cepat leleh
– sayur, potong kecil
– bawang bombay, potong kecil
– merica
– 2 iris tipis tomat

Cara membuat:
– campur nasi putih dengan setengah bagian telur ayam kampung, letakkan di dasar ramekin tahan panas.
– campur tuna, sisa telur ayam kampung, sayur, bawang bombay, merica, dan keju cheddar parut. aduk rata.
– letakkan campuran tuna di atas nasi.
– tutup dengan irisan tomat lalu letakkan keju cepat leleh.
– panggang hingga matang. (i use a microwave, and set the heat into medium for about 8 minutes).

VOILAA…!! People like it and i like it too because its easy to cook and i will made it again i guess 🙂



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