Benefits of Drinking Mineral Water

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January 10, 2014 by MsDailyLife

Metha,ID –  Water therapy cure the disease. Water is very beneficial for the survival of every human being, the body’s presence is needed. Water accounts for more than two thirds of human body weight. Without water in a few days, most likely we will die of thirst.


The Enormity of the Mineral Water Therapy To Cure Diseases.

Lack of water can lead to dehydration in our body, which resulted in a performance of the body and the brain. Humans so quickly forgotten, hard finish simple math problems, difficulty concentrating. Dehydration also causes you quickly tired. And all is a real example of the importance of water.

Not only that, according to science, 95% of our brain is made of water, 82% water and the blood of 75% heart, lungs 86%, kidneys 83%. Imagine how important the presence of water in our body.

Due to the importance of water so do not be surprised if it appears a treatment method called water therapy. Where the water used as a cure for a number of serious illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, hypertension and others

How to apply water therapy considered to be very easy and with no side effects (unless you will frequent urination), you can just spend as much as 1.5 liters of water every waking – before eating or doing any activity, including brushing your teeth – then a shower and wait for 45 minutes then after that you can eat and drink again.

Water therapy can cure diseases following therapy along with long time:

– High blood pressure, duration of therapy is 30 days
– Stomach acid, long treatment time of 10 days
– Diabetes, duration of therapy 1 month
– Constipation, duration of therapy is 10 days
– Cancer, 8 months old when therapy
– TB / Tuberculosis, long time 3 months of therapy
– Heart disease, duration of therapy 1 month

If you are interested, please practice. After all, it would not hurt at all, because the water therapy will not cost anything, nor is there any fatal side effects. And the water element is very necessary that our body is 70% water. May be useful. (mmt)

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