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December 9, 2013 by MsDailyLife

155969_136078773211352_202709343_nMetha, ID – Love is a thing which i think definitely not for me. Some of my friends already had a family of their own. And they all is now happily married. But unfortunately, i guess love is not for me. Maybe, i’m not that lucky to find someone who will love me the way i can love them. My friends keep telling me to look for someone to be my lifetime partner in life maybe, because i’m not getting any younger. I just smiled at them and make fun out of what their saying …. But come to think of it who wouldn’t want that, right ?? I’ve always wanted someone who can love me unconditionally.

Way back before i’ve had someone whom i love so much. They all used to be my friend and as time goes by of being friends it goes something deeper in my love journey. From lasted only for a month until five years experience of love. They all have such different stories of relationship, from a teenage crushing, a mutual understanding but no commitment, until sacrifice and backstabing feeling.

When my hopes almost gone, and have feels something that makes me almost rise and open my heart again but nonetheless the hope still not gonna be happen to me. With that all situation, i put all my love and effort at stake there comes a time when i’ll just found that their’s ‘not to me’ aka “He’s Not In To You” just like a movie. I tried to let it go…it’s painful and hurts me a lot but i just keep my mouth shut and cried silently.

I’ve had that set up and hoping that it might come to an end and we’ll end up together someday with who’s the person is … still randomly (no have idea) for my self. And just like what Katy Perry song’s with Unconditionally … i just wanna have a person who can LOVE me Unconditionally by giving all the love and time to me ….

– To be continued… 🙂 

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