Story of a Blind Girl


December 3, 2013 by MsDailyLife

blindgirlOne day there was a blind girl who hated herself. Because she was blind. Not only to herself, but she also hated everyone except her boyfriend.

He was always there for her and comfort her. He said he would marry the girl if the girl was able to see the world.

One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to the girl, which eventually she could see everything, including the girl’s lover.

Her boyfriend asked the girl, “Honeeeeyy, now you can see the world. Will you marry me?” The girl was shocked when she saw that her boyfriend was blind turns. And she refused to marry the man that who has been very loyal once accompanied her life for the girl’s blind eye.

And finally the man that went with his girlfriend to tears, and then write a short letter to the girl, “Honey, please take good care of you and with those  2 eyes that I gave you…”

The girl was crying and realized her follish, how much the sacrifice of her lover but her lover has been left with an injuries hearts….(mmt)


One thought on “Story of a Blind Girl

  1. Tash Majenta says:

    Ok I did not see that coming (no pun intended!)

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