How To Use Your Sense On Dating

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November 20, 2013 by MsDailyLife

5-Senses Saddened by his/her own friend‘s boyfriend/girlfriend captured perhaps the deepest sadness that can be experienced in a relationship. Good friends we have believed for years immediately look like mortal enemy.

Is it appropriate ?

Actually, it was clear that was inappropriate was that our good friend who had betrayed” us. But we do not like to accuse / trying to change people, so better we are more focused on yourself.

Boy/Girlfriends who captured” a friend or anyone that could happen if our relationship and the partner is not good. Either may be because the couple did not feel fulfilled in the relationship, feeling unloved, feels not understood, and so on. And the fact that the couple chose the other girls/guy over us, means he/she feels more comfortable with other people than we are.

Well, so how to make the couple feel comfortable with us?
The word feel” is underlined, because it is the key to the answer of this question. Just think how you feel something? Definitely a lot to think if the feeling starts from the heart.
But in fact, feel it starts with our senses. For those who have a sixth sense may be a little different from ya 🙂
We feel uncomfortable if one of our senses irritated by an impropriety. Example: bad odor, dust a lot, the food is not bad, mocking words, and so on.
So to start increasing our sense of comfort to the family, think about how you can make a comfortable five senses partner so that they can feel comfortable with you. As an example that can be done which includes our senses:
1. Vision look attractive and presentable in front of (or behind) the couple must be adjusted to individual taste, bring a spouse into a beautiful place.

2. Smell maintaining the body fragrant aroma, giving roses, cooking something delicious for a kiss.

3. Taster serve food, drinks or invite to a good restaurant to satisfy” your taste buds together.

4. Hearing give the words that build up to the couple, not only complaints but also praise, saying dear to the couple.

5. Flavorings note whether couples feel cold / heat.

Surely this is just the first step to make your partner feel comfortable, but still a lot that is often underestimated or forgotten.
Once we do this, it will be easier for couples to feel comfortable with us (and even coverage of the breadth of others around us as well). So long as we can give the best to the couple why we do not do it. After that of course, use your good heart that God mandated it as your mentor in touch. (mmt).

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