8 Ways How To Lose Weight While Traveling

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September 12, 2013 by MsDailyLife

M’sDailyLife, ID – Increased weight sometimes be a problem after the holiday traveler. But now no need to worry, you still can maintain, and even lose weight while traveling with 8 ways.


Peek from Smarter Travel, Thursday (03/12/2012) is 8 ways to lose weight while traveling, but still fun:

  1. HIKING.

For some people, climbing a mountain or hill is not just a hobby, but a necessity for healthy living. While climbing, you can breathe fresh air typical of the mountains. In addition, the trekking is done can also abort fat. The body will be forced to undertake a long journey, and keep going until you reach the top without the help of the vehicle.


Sitting on the beach or sunbathing tourists usually done when traveling to the beach. Unfortunately, these activities are often accompanied by snacking on foods without realizing it stack fat. From this moment, add your events to swim. Swimming is one sport that can be done when traveling to shed fat.

3. YOGA.

There are many reasons for the holiday traveler. One is to calm the mind. If you’re one lover, do not waste the opportunity just to sit back and reflect. Take advantage of time with yoga.

This is one sport that is fit for travel lovers peace. Imagine delicious sitting on the hill, while listening to the whisper of the wind. Inhale and dispose of all the negative thoughts in your head.


Another way to remain thin while traveling is walking around the city. If the city is visited is too big, you can choose to walk to the nearby tourist destinations. On foot, the body will burn fat clear and out through sweat. Very healthy. But when walking during the day, do not forget to wear sunblock and head coverings to avoid exposure to UV light.


If the walk is too heavy, you can still lose weight while traveling by bicycle. Some destinations usually have a bike rental place for tourists like you. Lease and use to visit the nearby tourist destinations. The roads can be, can also exercise.


While at the shopping center, airport or other tourist destinations, usually available escalator or elevator to reach the upper floors. If you want to be healthy, do not use these facilities, but use the stairs in order to burn body fat.


While staying at the hotel, do not waste time just sleeping in the room. If available fitness facilities, sports a time there, before or after traveling. It also can maintain your weight.


Refrain eating delicious food at the origin destination is one of the greatest trial for the traveler, especially those that want to keep the weight off. For that, consider the type of food you choose. Do all food eaten out. Consumption is just enough. In addition, choose low-fat foods is equally important to avoid weight gain after traveling.



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