Awake After The Alarm Rang

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August 13, 2013 by MsDailyLife

Even though the alarm was sounded loud voice, often a lot of people who are not able to immediately get up. They prefer to just turn off the alarm and decided to go back to sleep. And, according to a survey in the UK, people can take up more than half an hour to be fully awake after sounding the alarm rings.

Studies conducted by Radox to observe the effect of a voice to wake up a person’s activity. In addition, the sound effect is also observed mood changes experienced by a person.

From the survey, about 17 percent of respondents claimed to be used to the early morning or in the morning. Two out of three respondents said they usually defer up longer if natural sounding noise of bustling morning activity. However, when he heard the alarm clock or alarm, they defer to wake up between 14-36 minutes before finally actually woke up.

Meanwhile, when someone woke up with the birds singing or the sound of the rooster crows, 73% of respondents said that awake with a positive mood. And, 66% of respondents claimed to awake with full motivation; when you wake up in the morning. About 15% of respondents felt having a healthy body during the last few months.

This is the list of sounds that can wake a person with a sense of excitement in this study:
* Chirping birds
* Crowing cock
* Sound wave
* Wind chimes
* Strains of piano
* Symphony orchestra


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