RAMADHAN : The Man of Two Gardens

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July 7, 2013 by MsDailyLife

In order to welcome the month of Ramadhan for Muslims, MsDailyLife with lovely to share about Islamic quotes and history of knowledge of Muslims. Today we have a talk about ‘The Man of Two Gardens’.

“…because if you make taubah (repentance) in this dunya (world) then it is a good thing. If you have to lose all your wealth but you gain Allaah – it is a good gain. That is a good gain. You did not lose. At the end of it all, he says ‘oh, if only I hadn’t done shirk – if only I hadn’t associated with Allaah, my confidence in my material wealth, if only I hadn’t become a materialist’ – in other words, he regrets his shirk. In other words, he comes back to the right way and that is a gift from Allaah. What am I trying to say to you? The Muslim world today, all of us, Allaah azza wa jal has given us many blessings and He has taken away many things from us too… the Muslims enjoyed in their history as a whole, times of glory. It seems as if they have been robbed of them… maybe so we can just turn around and say ‘ya laytani’. Maybe we can make taubah (repentance) and go back to Allaah azza wa jal too.”


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