NIVEA Sparkling White and Lip Care

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July 7, 2013 by MsDailyLife

MsDailyLife Media – NIVEA as beauty products based in Hamburg, Germany, has been beautifying women all over the world with a range of facial and body care products. Sparkling white is a series of whitening products that multibenefit. The content of active pure white and white crystalillities which makes the face look glowing and keep face moisture. In addition, the new perfume is refreshing adds freshness to the wearer. The series also gives NIVEA lip care products such as the new NIVEA Lip Care Vitamin Shake that gives color to the two different flavors of cranberry and raspberry with vitamin shakes are a highlight for this one product. NIVEA lip care sun protect contained sunflower extract and vitamin E, which serves to protect the lips from UVA & UVB rays and complete with SPF30. Nivea lip care med natural moisturizing protection Bisobolol and Wheat Germ Oil to protect from chapped lips and dry.

Nivea Lip Care MED Protection

Nivea Lip Care MED Protection

Nivea Sparkling White

Nivea Sparkling White


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