The Anti-rape Stockings Make Legs Look ‘Terrible’

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June 20, 2013 by MsDailyLife

This method is probably the most bizarre way to try to avoid the gaze of men or interference bawdy and naughty on the streets. But it is also very clever and definitely powerful used to dispel nasty man. Like what way?

The women just need to wear stockings that will make your feet unique they look horrible and ugly. These stockings are designed with a lot of fur that made ​​her look like a feather foot. So, when wearing stockings, the woman’s legs will look to have a very thick fur.

stoking unik penuh bulu

This unique product is currently very popular with teenagers in China. Previously, students in India have also made anti-rape underwear. But if you think about it, the way it would be easier and cheaper.

Although not equipped with GPS and the technology that can send messages when there is the possibility of rape, at least this hairy stockings will make illfeel nasty when men see your feet. How, interested to have it?

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