Sleeping Problem At Night

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May 3, 2013 by MsDailyLife



Do you have problem with sleeping in the night? Here is some tips for you special from MsDailyLife :

1. Take a warm Bath

Warm bath is actually relaxing your nerves on your body. Use some aromatherapy soap for helping you relaxing your mind.

2. Get a massage

Small massage on back and sculp by your spouse is helping you to relax after working all day.

3. Listen to music or relaxing audio

Play soft music or natural sound will help your ear and mind get relax

4. Drink warm milk

A glass of warm milk 15 minutes before going to bed will soothe your nervous system. Milk contains calcium, which works directly on jagged nerves to make you relax.

5. Herbs Tea

If you dont like milk or have allergies to dairy products, you can try a cup of herbs hot tea like camomile, catnip, anise or fennel tea. These tea contain natural ingredients to help you sleep.


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