The Long & The Short of Job Hunting

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April 16, 2013 by MsDailyLife

Job Hunting Tips

Kebanyakan para pencari kerja memilih iklan lowongan kerja di koran yang ukuran kolomnya lebih besar. Mereka menganggap, kolom lowongan kerja yang besar berarti dipasang oleh perusahaan besar. This may be true in some instances. Tapi jika Anda hanya mengirim lamaran pada lowongan seperti ini, peluang Anda untuk diterima bekerja semakin kecil. Tak ada salahnya, kok, mencoba mengirim lamaran pada perusahaan yang hanya menulis lowongan pada iklan baris. Kesempatan kerja bagi Anda pun akan semakin luas!


Most job seekers choose job advertisements in the newspaper column size larger. They assume, great job column means mounted by large corporations. This may be true in some instances. But if you just send the application on the job such as this, your chances of getting accepted to work small. No harm, really, trying to send the application to the company that just writing job on classified ads. Job opportunities for you would be even wider!

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