Tips For Choosing a Skirt with Body Shape

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January 27, 2013 by MsDailyLife

Skirt With Body Shape

Skirt With Body Shape

1. Straight body shape (boyish figure)
Choose skirts with pleats or rimpel detail. With the impression that ‘full’, pleated skirt will make your body look more ‘form’. Long skirts are not better than the knee, so as not to look like a ‘mind’

2. Great Thigh
Avoid thigh skirt . Choose full skirt or flare skirt that does not confirm your thighs form. To look more proportional, choose the length just below the knee.

3. Big belly
Choose a skirt with the waist below the navel (hipster) to the abdomen to avoid other people’s views. Avoid skirts that are cut tight at the hips, such as flare skirt. Thus, your stomach can ‘hidden’ well.

4. Short body
If your body is not high enough, create the illusion of a way to wear a mini skirt. Your legs will look more level accordingly. Do not forget to wear the shoes stilettos for a more sexy appearance.

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