LOVE for Health Benefits


January 6, 2013 by MsDailyLife

When falling in love, the feeling of happiness seemed endlessly pierced. If someone is in love, the days will pass cheerfully. Falling in love can also affect health. As quoted by page Idiva, pure and sincere emotion beneficial to health. But keep in mind, the benefits can be felt only if someone is in a relationship that is stable and comfortable.
The health benefits that can be achieved when falling in love is as follows:


Being in a romantic relationship that allows your body to release more hormones happy. This hormone raises feeling happier. You are also able to reduce anger. You are in a great mood and all the people who are around you will feel the positive aura.


Falling in love can boost your immunity. You are more calm and always think positive. This reduces the risk of catching colds and coughs. And conversely, feeling depressed or sad makes you vulnerable to attacks from colds and flu viruses. It is also the risk of causing stomach problems.


Being in a stable relationship, gives you comfort. This feeling helps you cope with the pain. When in love, your partner tend to always give motivation to help you get out of the pain you feel.


A loving couple and always show concern allows you more excited tasks while at work. Your mind is not busy worrying about family or how your partner feels about you. This allows you to concentrate on your work and thus improve your performance. When you are happy, you feel better, more creative.


Woman’s menstrual cycle depends on various things, such as health and nutrition. Stress is an important factor as well. Women in long-term stable relationships tend not to feel depressed. Therefore, it has the feeling of falling in love can also PMS symptoms affect women.


Women who are married or who have had a lover, chances are anxious or have very few trivial problems. They know that they have a partner who understand each other and feel each other. Pain has a support system, to help you deal with the problem easily. This makes stress is reduced and the risk of high blood pressure is low, including tension and migraine.


2 thoughts on “LOVE for Health Benefits

  1. tanikaugoji says:

    This is another great reason to go out there and meet your match. Love is such a beautiful thing!

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