Skills Since Their Was a Baby In The Womb

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November 24, 2012 by MsDailyLife

The learning process has been started since the fetus in the womb, the fetus follow to learn the second and third trimesters, as in space Amphitheater more sophisticated than any class in the world. These skills already possessed baby in the womb, according to Fred J. Schwartz, MD, an anesthesiologist from Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

1. Thumb Sucking Habit

Naturally, if most babies like to suck our thumb, because apparently this practice has been started in the womb. Sucking reflex helps the baby while going suckle, the mother no longer necessary for the thrusting force nipples. Thumb sucking skills have started since week 19 because the baby’s brain has reached millions of motor nerves so that he/she was able to make conscious movements like thumb sucking.

2. The Habit of Swimming

Since the baby in the womb he/she was used to being in the water for 9 months, the amniotic fluid. The baby was happy-happy swimming at the age of 20 weeks. Today, children are making active movements that can be felt by the mother, probably because only half the length of the new birth length and weighs about 340 grams so he/she still has plenty of room to swim.

3. Hiccups Habits

During pregnancy, mothers sometimes feel movements continue in the abdomen. Fetus could be when it was a hiccup. It is typically felt from the womb stepping week 25. This indicates that the fetus is practicing breathing. Currently fetus inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid, amniotic fluid when ingested too much then it will hiccup. It is something that is reasonable.

4. Listening

Many are suggesting pregnant women often communicate with the fetus in the womb. It is true, as though still in the womb, the fetus can already hear the sound of her mother and others in the vicinity. When performing a 4-dimensional ultrasound, in addition to checking the completeness of the body organs, the doctor will also ask the fetus do something and see the response of the fetus. For example, when the fetus is down, when the doctor told him to hold his head, apparently fetus can follow orders. So pregnant women should be careful in speaking because the fetus can hear if she was angry. This is evidenced by the immediate reaction of the stomach to tighten.

5. Distinguishing Light and Dark

Several studies have shown that babies in the womb 27-28 weeks was able to open his eyes, that was able to differentiate between dark and light. Can be seen when the doctor put a flashlight in the stomach, he could see the light coming through the wall of the uterus. Even if the fetus could blink he thinks too much glare or bright.

6. Expressing Themselves

Fetus in the womb was already able to express themselves in accordance with the currently perceived mother. If the mother is in a state of happy, sit back while listening to music, the fetus will also feel happiness so that he would smile. Conversely, if the mother is stressed, the fetus will frown. Just look at the portrait of your baby’s 4-dimensional ultrasound.

7. Learning Two Languages

Apparently, the baby in the womb can learn to understand the language that she often heard, even up to two languages ​​at once. And this ability to carry their birth. In a study published in Psychological Science, infants who are accustomed to hearing two languages ​​during the mother’s womb will soon be easier to learn two languages​​. This is also in accordance with the results of the research psychologist at the University of British Columbia and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in France.

Praise Lord and Big Love to all Mothers in the world…am crying while writing and see the video of it…. ^_^



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