Natural Enchantment of Riau Zamrud Lake

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November 12, 2012 by MsDailyLife

Emerald Lake located in Siak, Riau province, a habitat for many animals and plants. Including birds sendirit Malays, the beauty of the environment indicators.

Serindit Malay (Loriculus galgulus) is a small bird only reach 12cm in length. Fur is green with red accents in the tail. Birds scattered in lowland forests in Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand is one of the living beings into bio-indicators. That is, birds sendirit Malays will only inhabit an environment that is beautiful and natural. No wonder the birds finally made ​​sendirit Riau Malay as their local icon.

This area is actually a combination of two adjoining lakes, namely Lake Big Island (2416 acres) and Lower Lake (360 acres). However, since both were in the village of Emerald, Indrapura Siak District, the region is more popularly known as Emerald Lake. In addition, the reflection of the colored black water lake in the middle of the swamp forest, resembling an emerald gemstone. The two lakes are surrounded by red areca plants and other bog plants.

Name Lake Big Island from 4 islands located in the lake, the Big Island, Middle Island, Island Youngest and monkey island as the place to live monkey or tailless ape. The four islands are drifting islands and can move, because the form of silt and vegetation.

On 25 November 1980 the Government of Indonesia inaugurated the region’s wildlife. In the future, this area will also be developed as a center for scientific research and medicine. Also develops discourse to elevate the status of an area of ​​2,500 acres became a national park. But until now there has been no final decision.

Emerald Lake may be an alternative for those who crave a quiet atmosphere away from the city noise. You can relax while enjoying the scenery and exotic beauty of her still awake with their peaceful scenery. he Emerald Lake wildlife tour area adopted the concept of Ujung Kulon National Park (Banten) and Lake Toba (North Sumatra).

Other animals inhabit this wildlife other than birds sendirit Malay, one of which is the existence of Sumatran tigers are endangered. In addition, there is also a red bear, golden arowana fish, fish balido, and much more. A total of about 33 species of birds, 18 species of mammals, 1 species of reptiles, and 5 species of plants that are found in the Emerald Lake.

To reach the Emerald Lake area wildlife, you need to drive for 3 hours. The location is about 180 Km from the center of the city of Pekanbaru.

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