Correct Sequencing For Warm-Up

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September 27, 2012 by MsDailyLife


When you take the wheel of a manual car, you let the car warmup and gradually go through first, second, third and fourth gear to get maximum speed, distance and efficiency. By doing this you also cause no damage to the engine.

This analogy is not a bad one to consider when you are sequencing your own body in your golf warm-up. Benefits of correctly sequencing your golf warm-up exercises:

1. You are maximising your performance in the least amount of time – good time management.
2. You are reducing the risk of injury as a result of poor or no warm-up.
3. It provides a good foundation for your warm-up shots.
4. It will help you mentally feel that you have prepared more specifically for your participation in golf.
5. Through continued application and repetition you will become more aware of how your body reacts to the warm-up which will in turn promote self help and awareness.

Golf Zone

You need to develop a routine that through your own experience gets you into the ‘Golf Zone’, i.e. The best physical and mental state prior to starting your round and then helps you maintain that state during the round and to relax properly afterwards.


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