Natural Gardening Tips

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May 27, 2012 by MsDailyLife

Smart Watering


Natural Garden

Deep water trees. Punch a hole in the ground with a metal or plastic pipe. Just hammer it right in and leave it in the ground with just an inch or so showing above the ground. Put water into the pipe directly with a hose or watering can, and the water goes down to the tree roots. When you water the ground only, it is hard for the water to make it all the way down to the roots.

In hot or warm weather, the best time to water is early in the morning. Watering in the heat of the day will result in most of the water evaporating too quickly to get to the plants or trees.

Never get leaves or flowers wet when the weather is really hot. This can cause so much evaporation that the leaves and flowers end up drier than before you watered.


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